North East Essex Diabetes Service (NEEDS) launch a new ‘Living With T1 Diabetes’ event to help people living with Type 1 diabetes and their relatives/ carers in North East Essex

Following feedback from a previous successful event aimed towards patients with any type of diabetes, North East Essex Diabetes Service (NEEDS) have decided to launch one specific to those with Type 1. Another event for those with Type 2 is being arranged for a date next year.

The ‘Living with T1 Diabetes’ event will be held at JobServe Community Stadium in Colchester on Saturday 9th November 10am – 3pm and will be sponsored by new local charity, The One Difference.

The event will include DAFNE taster sessions, an opportunity to talk to experts about interpreting Freestyle Libre data, information sessions about hospital admissions / sick day rules and the latest updates in the world of Type 1. There will also be a special guest speaker, Kevin House, who has Type 1 diabetes himself and now uses his personal experiences and understanding of the condition to help others live a healthy lifestyle.

Adele Holcombe, Diabetes Service Manager at North East Essex Diabetes Service said: “Although more people in North East Essex have T2 diabetes (currently around 18,000 vs only 2,000 with Type 1), we believe it is very important that patients with both T1 and T2 receive the support they need in order to manage living with their condition.

I think having an event specific to T1 is much needed as they are the ones who live with the condition day to day, so any way we can empower them to self-care will help reduce the chance of developing complications and improve their quality of life. It will be an ideal opportunity for those with Type 1 diabetes and their carers/ relatives to ask questions to our Diabetes Team.”

Alongside the North East Essex Diabetes Service (NEEDS) team of Diabetes Specialists, local partner organisations such as Community 360, ACE Lifestyles and Provide, will also be attending the event to promote their services and help signpost people to free local lifestyle services available.

If you are someone with T1 diabetes who lives in North East Essex, you can confirm your attendance for the ‘Living with T1 Diabetes’ event by clicking here.

To find out more information about North East Essex Diabetes Service (NEEDS) and the services they offer, please visit their website.