NEEDS Diabetes education – update

The team at NEEDS work hard to try and support people living with diabetes across North East Essex. One of the ways in which we do this, is through education. Helping to facilitate and support adult learning in a friendly, comfortable manner which allows you to meet your education goals. Whether that is: you to improve your knowledge of diabetes; share experiences with other like-minded people; re-motivate you with regards to your diabetes or to update your skills.

We offer a range of services, all of which you can self refer onto.

Available courses include (please note virtual or online courses may only be available depending on Government advice regarding COVID -19):

For people with type 2 diabetes:

  • MyDesmond – This is a great interactive online course to help improve your knowledge and confidence in managing your diabetes.
  • Virtual or face to face Conversation Maps –
  • Carbohydrate Lifestyle Insulin Management and Beyond – Type 2 – virtual or face to face

DESMOND – face to face

For people with Type 1 diabetes:

Dafne – face to face

  •  Type 1 Carbohydrate Lifestyle Insulin Management and Beyond – Carbohydrate counting course

DAFNE refreshers – virtual

  •   Online Resource – You do not need to contact NEEDS about this: – free online Type 1 diabetes advice provided by MyWay Digital Health. Includes tailored advice and educational resources created by NHS experts in diabetes and in association with people with diabetes. You can work your way through the e-learning course – understanding Type 1 diabetes is the most similar to DAFNE.

For more information on support and available courses, download our  patient education leaflet HERE or email