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Diabetes Essentials

Diabetes Essentials

Each year, there are a number of health checks that those living with diabetes are entitled to. These health checks are to be competed in order to reduce your risk of developing any serious diabetes complications such as issues with your sight (retinopathy), kidney problems (nephropathy), or foot problems.

Watch this short video for details about the 15 Essential Health Checks:

The 15 Essential Health Checks are:

    1. Blood glucose test (HbA1c)
      It is good practice to regularly monitor your own blood glucose levels. To better understand your results, view our HbA1c conversion table.
    2. Blood pressure check
      Further information about how to prevent high blood pressure can be found here.
    3. Cholesterol check
    4. Eye screening
      Information about the Essex Diabetic Eye Screening Programme can be found here.
    5. Kidney tests
      Read about the importance of urine testing here.
    6. Foot and leg checks
      For advice on how to check your own feet and what to look for, click here.
    7. Diet advice
      Diabetes UK: What is a healthy, balanced diet for diabetes?
    8. Emotional and psychological support
      We have compiled a list of useful resources about mental health and wellbeing. View it here.
    9. Diabetes education
      NEEDS offer Type 1 and Type 2 patient education sessions at a variety of different community settings and times. View them here.
    10. Care from diabetes specialists
      The NEEDS team is made up of nurse consultants, diabetic specialist nurses, dietitians, community diabetologists, podiatrists, a mental health practitioner and administrators.
    11. Free flu jab
    12. Inpatient care
      Read our news article about the diabetes inpatient care at Colchester General Hospital.
    13. Support with any sexual problems
      Diabetes UK – Sex and Diabetes
    14. Quit smoking support
      Online support can be found on the One You website.
    15. Specialist pregnancy care
      Staying on top of your diabetes management is key when you are planning and going through pregnancy. 



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